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(dba: Ute Pass Regional Emergency Medical Services)
785 Red Feather Lane
Woodland Park, CO 80863
(719) 687-2291

PO Box 149
Woodland Park, CO 80866

  • Ute Pass Regional Ambulance District consists of 539 square miles that includes parts of Douglas, Teller, and Park counties: click for District Map
         � Douglas County 35
         � Teller County 277
         � Park County 227 (mostly National Forest land)
  • Overlapping Fire Districts:
        � Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District
        � Divide Fire Protection District
        � Mountain Communities Fire Protection District
        � Florissant Fire Protection District
        � Lake George Fire Protection District
        � Mutual Aid agreement for Green Mountain Fire Protection District
  • 2004 Estimated Population: 19,101
  • 9 fulltime paramedics; 6 fulltime EMTs; 24/7 in 3 shifts
  • 2 ALS ambulances stationed in Woodland Park; 1 ALS ambulance stationed in Florissant
  • Sustained by a 3.99 mill levy, patient and insurance billing, and other income

Mission Statement

    In times of need we will answer the call expediently, compassionately and professionally by treating all life and all property with unprejudiced dignity and respect and by persistently striving to meet and exceed the publics� expectations - as well as our own.


As members of Ute Pass Regional Ambulance District we are committed to:

  • treating all people we contact fairly and compassionately and with dignity and respect;

  • providing the best patient care possible and improving the care we provide through continued study and practice of our profession;

  • considering all individuals and agencies we work with as allies and professionals in their own right to ensure our mutual focus remains on providing superior patient care, which is our utmost priority;

  • being responsive and accountable to the needs of our community for, without them, we would not exist;

  • being patient, flexible to change, and a productive part of our community and Ute Pass Regional Ambulance District.


Goals and Objectives


It is the goal of Ute Pass Regional Ambulance District (UPRAD) to provide its patients with the best possible service including emergency medical evaluation, patient care, and transport. This is accomplished by hiring the most qualified, compassionate, and competent staff and providing them with the most appropriate and up-to-date vehicles and equipment to accomplish the mission and goals of the District. This care must be provided to all residents and visitors of the UPRAD response area, regardless of their ability to pay.


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